You know there are stores

I cannot how many times I hear this.  Yes, I am aware stores sell many of the items I choose to make myself.  I have made a conscious effort cut down on my purchases.  My mission started about 8 years ago during The Great Recession, B’s business was down and I was making less at my new job and driving more.  Necessity forced us to adapt and I began cooking from scratch more and more.  We doubled the size of our small garden and then a tripled the size a few years later.

At first it felt like so much work to cook and maintain then garden.  And there didn’t seem to be much savings.  The first fall I dutifully made prepped vegetables and tomatoes sauce to freeze.  We stores potatoes in five gallon buckets in our cold storage shed.  I had started noticing a change in our grocery bill.  I no longer needed to buy lettuce, green beans, cucumbers, or raspberries.

And you know what my stuff tastes better.


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