Buying American Made

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B and I have made an effort to purchase American Made products when possible for a few years now. It hasn’t been a huge focus but it has been something we check when choosing between multiple items. This year I decided to make it my New Year’s Resolution. Dude. In some categories it is pretty easy to find an American made product but in others it is almost impossible. Clothes have been the hardest. I need new t-shirts. Nothing fancy. Just simple cotton v-neck t’s. I knew I would have to pay more but I thought I would I will be able to find a few options. Almost nothing. And what I do find are “fashion” t’s that just don’t work for messing around in the garden or helping B work on a truck or machine. There is more choice in men’s shirts but they are all crew neck. Bleck. So far my only good options has been American Apparel. So I have to decide what I is more important – budget or place of manufacture.

I have a few other things we need to replace that I am seeking out American made. I will update the list as I find (or don’t find) options.

Ironing Board
Basic sneakers
Kitchen Light fixture
Underwear and socks

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