So this happened…

MIA again. It has been an eventful summer over on Prairie Creek. Mr. had a bit of an accident at the end of June which has taken up most of time and energy. Everything has just become less important. So here’s the scoop: While I was mowing the lawn, he was in the garage and … Continue reading

New Rug!

We bought a new couch and chair last March for our living room but kept the old rug until I could find something bigger that I loved. After seeking input and reassurance from some of my favorite people I found the perfect new rug. Bonus it is made by Mohawk in the USA.  I am … Continue reading

Buying American Made

B and I have made an effort to purchase American Made products when possible for a few years now. It hasn’t been a huge focus but it has been something we check when choosing between multiple items. This year I decided to make it my New Year’s Resolution. Dude. In some categories it is pretty … Continue reading

Overcoming Doubts

I often doubt myself. B tries to remind me to be more confident but I still doubt that I can do things and will give up before really trying. Today, I got my car stuck in the snow trying to leave for work. This would have been avoided if I had moved my car to … Continue reading

Homemade Extracts

So I started vanilla extract about a year ago. Ah-Mazing!  Today, I started mint, lemon, orange, and almond to give my mom for Christmas.  She loves to bake and was amazed at how simple it is to make but I know she will never do it for herself.  Yeah for handmade gifts that are awesome.

Just Write

My new goal about blogging is to just write.  Instead of worrying if the pictures are perfect or if there are pictures, I plan to just write when I feel like it and about what I want.  Grammar and aesthetics may suffer but it could worse.  I could not be writing at all. 

Allergies and Cold

This week I was hit with both seasonally allergies and cold. I have spent most of the week watching old episodes of Law & Order, CSI and House Hunters.  I am finally feeling better and the day is absolutely beautiful!  The windows have been thrown open, tomato sauce is simmering on the stove and laundry is being … Continue reading

“American” Dream

 This post has been popping up on my facebook page lately. It lists some of the realities of being poor.  I am so thankful that I have not been in many of these situations but I have been close too close for comfort.  I am fortunate that I was able to take time after … Continue reading

Summer Garden

Summer and the garden has taken up most of my time and the poor blog as been even more neglected. I have worked for hub’s business along with job hunting. Canning season has begun and I have started with pickles and jalapenos. The tomatoes are just starting to turn red and I except to be … Continue reading